Your account statement is available on the Participant Portal ( from the "Forms & Reports" > "Reports" page.  To view all existing statements, please be sure to expand the Report Group section by clicking the ">" symbol. There, you can download and examine your quarterly account statements which are automatically generated and posted to your account by the system. You may also generate on-demand statements on this page for a custom period of time (such as year-to-date or inception-to-date). 

Please note that rates of return are updated in monthly increments, and daily for year-to-date analysis. If you generate a statement that spans a period outside of whole-month, whole-quarter, or year-to-date increments, rate of return information will not display on the statement. If you wish to examine your rate of return for a custom period, please visit the rate of return page on your Participant Portal from the "Performance" > "Rate of Return" menu, and select the "Custom" tab.