Rates of return are updated in monthly increments. If you generate a statement that spans a period outside of whole-month, whole-quarter, or year-to-date increments, rate of return information may not display on your statement. If you wish to examine your rate of return for a custom period, please visit the rate of return page on your Participant Portal from the Performance >> Rate of Return menu, and select the "Custom" tab.

Another possible cause for rates of return not displaying on your statement is the absence of a beginning and ending balance for the requisite statement period. This occurs when a Participant account sees a total investment reallocation (transfer, fund replacement, or rebalance transaction) from one investment to another which bisects the statement period. In the example of an investment transfer, the outgoing investment will have a beginning balance for the statement period but $0.00 for an ending balance; and the destination investment will have an ending balance, but $0.00 for a beginning balance for the statement period. The rate of return calculation cannot be completed without both a beginning and ending balance for the calculation period.