Please check your Summary Plan Description for details on the allowable frequency in your Plan to change salary deferral elections. Your Plan may allow changes on a quarterly, monthly, or daily basis. Be aware, however, that you may stop making contributions into your Retirement Plan at any time. Your Plan may also permit you to make changes directly on the website versus using a paper form (to be submitted to your Employer/Payroll Department.) Log into your Participant Portal at and visit the Manage > Manage Investments page. If your Plan enables you to change salary deferral elections online, you will see a “Change Contribution” section on this page. If so, changes you make here will be communicated directly to your Employer/ Payroll Department. If you do not have the “Change Contribution” section on this page, please visit our Forms page at, click on the second tab on the left labeled “Account Management Forms” to obtain a PDF copy of the Salary Deferral Elections Form to be completed and returned to your Employer/ Payroll Department for processing. There is no need to return a copy to RPG Consultants as this is strictly a payroll-related function.