Participants who have met the Plan’s Eligibility & Entry requirements should self-enroll on the Participant Portal ( and set up their own login credentials by completing a brief enrollment process on our website. The process enables Participants to create their login credentials, enter their personal & contact information, designate primary and contingent beneficiaries, enter salary deferral elections (if the Plan permits electronic deferral elections), and make investment elections. The entire process takes 5-10 minutes. Investment-related inquiries should be directed to the Plan's Investment Advisor as we (RPG) are not qualified to provide investment guidance or advice. When you click the above link, you can find a short instructional video illustrating the 4 easy enrollment steps. Please contact your Employer for your one-time enrollment password. If your Plan does not permit electronic salary deferral elections, your salary deferral election form should be submitted directly to your Employer for payroll processing.