To file an FSA claim you will need to log into the Once there, click on the tab item on the top bar entitled Claims.  Under that heading is the option to "Submit a Claim".  By clicking on that tab you will see a screen which prompts you to select a plan year and account.  Select the appropriate option.  There may be only one available option to select.  In the next screen you will be asked to input claim information.  Enter the date of service, the claim amount, the provider of service, and all other applicable information in the comments box below, such as the specific nature of the service provided.  A list of eligible expenses can be found HERE.

Claims require correct dates of service, matching those on the receipts that must be e-mailed or faxed.  After inputting the necessary information, click "Save and Close" if it is a single claim being submitted, or "Save and New" if you need to input another claim item.  After clicking "Save and Close" on your last item your claim will be assigned a claim number.  Also on the next screen will be the option to print the claim form.  Click to print the form.

Sign and fax the form along with the proof service(s) and proof of payment(s).  The fax number is 212-994-0400 or 516-620-0789. The FSA Department will then review and process your claim for reimbursement.  After the claim is approved checks are sent to the address listed on your account, or wired to the bank account listed on your personal information page. Reimbursements are issued after the 1st and 15th of each month.