The processing timeline for a loan withdrawal is 15 business days from the date of receipt of a signed promissory note & amortization schedule. When we initially receive your loan application form, we must first obtain Plan Sponsor approval prior to processing your request (please allow an 2-3 business days for this transaction.) The promissory note & amortization schedule will be issued 1-2 business days after receiving Plan Sponsor approval for your loan withdrawal. Please be sure to submit a completed form with your signature along with any supporting documentation as required to ensure timely processing. You may upload your completed application form securely to our website using our secure file transfer portal at (please be sure to hit the “Send” button and receive a confirmation message prior to closing your upload session.) You may also fax your requests to 1-212-947-4866. We will soon also enable online withdrawal requests on the Participant Portal. In the meantime, you may obtain our withdrawals forms online at: