There are circumstances when you may wish to send personal deposits to your retirement account. These include paying down an outstanding loan balance or making contributions to your retirement account as a Schedule K-1 Partner (where contributions are not deducted through payroll the way most other individuals make contributions to their retirement accounts.) Please contact our office for the relevant check mailing and/or wiring instructions for your Retirement Plan.


We would greatly appreciate a notification prior to you sending your deposit to the Plan, including the purpose and amount of your deposit. This is so that we may track and classify the incoming assets, and allocate them to your account accordingly.


If your Plan's custodian/trade agent is FOLIOfn institutional, please note that you may not send your deposit using a personal check. Personal checks will be mailed back to you by FOLIO at the address appearing on your check. If you wish to send funds to your retirement account at FOLIO by check, we recommend that you send your personal check to your Employer/Plan Sponsor and request that a business check (payable to the Plan, for your benefit) be issued and mailed to FOLIO on your behalf. Alternatively, you may wire funds directly to FOLIO.