Authorized to Add/Remove Plan ContactsAccess Confidential DocumentsRPGFocus Plan Sponsor Portal Access
Compliance Portal Access
Plan Trustee

✓ (upon request)
✓ (Full Access)
Compliance Reports Contact

(upon request)
(Full Access)
5500 Signer

(upon request)
✓ (Full Access)
Census Requests Contact

✓ (Limited Access)
Payroll Contact

Distribution Approvals

Billing Contact

Plan Trustee - Signs official Plan documents and has full access to all Plan information.

Compliance Reports Contact – Receives annual valuation reports, contribution allocation reports and other “sensitive” data from the RPG Compliance Department.

5500 Signer – Views, prints and submits Form 5500, SAR and 8955-SSA.

Census Requests Contact – Receives annual request for census and has access to the RPG Compliance Portal to submit full census data (including salaries, SS#s and DOBs) and complete the compliance questionnaire.

Payroll Contact - Uploads contribution files each pay period via RPGFocus Plan Sponsor Portal.

Distribution Approvals – Authorizes distribution requests from plan participants.

Billing Contact - Receives invoices from the RPG Finance Department.