As long as the Plan is active, you have the option of keeping your assets in your former Employer's Retirement Plan. However, depending on your account balance, your former Employer may elect to force your account out of the Plan to an IRA without prior notice. You may also elect to roll over the vested balance of your account to another Qualified Retirement Plan or IRA (Individual Retirement Account). Rolling over your retirement assets from your Plan to another Qualified Retirement Plan or IRA may allow you to avoid taxes and penalties. You also elect to take a total distribution of your retirement account and have the proceeds paid directly to you or to a taxable financial account held in your name (such as a checking or savings account, or a brokerage account). The direct distribution option would incur taxes (20% federal tax withholding and state taxes where applicable) and a possible 10% early withdrawal penalty depending on your age and other circumstances.


Please visit the Forms section of our website ( to download a PDF copy of any distribution or withdrawal forms for your Plan. Please be sure to review the Special Tax Notice which details all tax implications for distributions/withdrawal options.